Gloucester and District Christian Choir

10th Anniversary Celebration

10th Anniversary Celebration Weekend
Friday the 10th of September saw 50 choir members and 7 partners and friends off to West Huntspill to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the choir.  The weekend started with dinner on the Friday evening, followed by a quiz night, some rehearsing and a short hilarious performance of Cinderella by some members of the choir. 
After breakfast on Saturday, everyone went on a coach trip, driving up through Cheddar Gorge, (as Pamela had been told this was the best way to go), dropping back to Burrington Combe, to the "Rock of Ages".  What we saw was the cleft in the rock where August Toplady, many years ago, sheltered in a storm and wrote the words of the well known hymn, Rock of Ages.  He wrote the words of the hymn on a pack of playing cards that he had in his pocket.   The coach parked and off we all trooped, gathering around the cleft in the Rock, to sing the opening song "Rock" from the Roger Jones musical of the same name.
The actual singing of the song had some surprising moments.  Instead of our voices drifting away on the air as usually happens when songs are sung outside, the sound bounced around the rocks and came back to us!  Truly amazing.  Cars kept going up and down the road with their windows open to listen to us.  And the rock climbers on the other side of the road clapped and cheered.  What was really amazing was that there were some year 7's from a school in Banbury, who had climbed half way up the cliff face.  They clapped and cheered and joined in and shouted for encores.  Their teacher told Pamela that she had been teaching the girls all about August Toplady and the writing of the hymn, and there we were, singing it for them.  Everyone felt that time was very special.
The coach took the choir into Weston Super Mare for a couple of hours free time at the seaside, and then took them all back to the hotel.  An early barbeque (at 4.30pm) saw the choir off to the local parish church in West Huntspill, to give a concert in aid of the Pakistan appeal. 
Sunday morning was yet another cooked breakfast (we all ate too much over the weekend).  What followed was another special time.  We held morning service in the function room at the hotel.  Our guest speaker and communion celebrant was none other than Roger Jones himself.  It was special because he has been responsible for so many high moments in the life of the choir.  Then Sunday Carvery lunch and we all went home.  It had been good to be together to celebrate ten years of the life of the choir.